Summer of Seuss


A family friendly, light hearted look at Dr. Seuss and the Gospel


Summer is a great time to try something new, so this summer we will spend six weeks looking at what Dr. Seuss says about such as faithfulness, fairness, friendship, greed, pride, hope, adventure, and much much more. I hope you will find in these Sunday morning reflections ideas that can bring relevance to parallel themes found in the Bible. And I hope you will have as much fun reflecting about cats in hats, Grinches, Snitches, Sneetches, and other creatures as I have found thinking and reflecting on how Dr. Seuss’ faith shines within his famous works.



The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss Theme


Seuss Book Reference


"Merry Christmas Doesn’t

Come from a Store”

Matthew 6:9-11

 How the Grinch Stole Christmas?



Our World or God’s World?


Psalm 24: 1-6, Genesis 1: 26-28

The Lorax
8/4 Barrtholomew and the 500 Hats
8/11 God’s Story Doesn’t End at the Cross


1 Peter 1:3-7


Horton Hatches the Egg

8/18 The Cries of a Groaning World

Psalm 24: 1-2, Matthew 29-31

Horton Hears a Who
8/25 No Mess is too Big for God

Job 2: 10, Psalm 51: 10

The Cat in the Hat


It’s God Will and Nothing Less

Job 2: 9-10

John 10:7

There’s a Wocket in my Pocket






Sunday mornings at YPC:


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11:15am – Praise (band playing contemporary Christian praise music)


YPC-Inside1As a part of loving God our expectation is that you will want to spend time regularly worshiping God; praising the Lord's goodness, giving thanks for creating you and offering you a place in eternity.


We know there are seasons in all our lives when we don't always feel like worshiping, but those times are not God's fault. God still deserves our attention. (It's kind of like being married. You may have a bad day at work, but that doesn't mean you get to treat your spouse poorly when you come home.) More often than not many discover that when they worship even when they don't feel like it, often their hearts are "strangely warmed."


Some say, "I don't need to be in a church service to worship," and that is certainly true. We would hope you should be able to cultivate the ability to worship God anywhere and at any time. But our experience is that most people who say that are in fact seldom worshiping God anywhere at any time. The fact is that we were called to be a community of believers who are meant to worship together. We need others to encourage us and to hold us accountable.



YPC offers two kinds of worship on Sunday mornings:

September 9, 2018 – May 19, 2019

 9:00am – Traditional (organ, hymns, prayers of confession, etc.)

 11:15am – Praise (band playing contemporary Christian praise music)



YPC offers a single service:


May 26, 2019 –September 2, 2018


10:00am – Combined Praise and Traditional (a unique variety each week)







Special worship services are also held throughout the year.                          






























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