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Our goal with the messages of this stewarship campaign is to encourage you to think about Generosity, the sharing of God's Abundant Grace. Where are you in your "generosity journey"? If giving becomes a way of life, how would that impact you and your family? Wouldn't it be amazing if we could grow an ongoing culture of generosity here at YPC? Imagine years without the need for stewardship campaigns


Yorkfield is at a crucial point in its history. We’re preparing for our 75th anniversary. We’re getting ready to seek a new pastor. We’re doing what YPC always does: tackling the challenges before us head-on, with faith and courage.Im In

At the recent congregational meeting, Session shared one of the key challenges currently facing our congregation: finances. Here are the basic issues of our challenge:

-    We are now at the appropriate staffing model for a congregation of our size, one that not only meets the needs of our current church family but paves the way for us to grow

-    Every YPC operational budget in recent years has relied on some, or multiple forms of “special funding”

-    YPC is starting this year with the lowest fund balance in five years, one that will drop even further by the end of 2018

-    the church has already drawn significantly from our endowment to meet operating expenses in past years—a trend that cannot continue

-    This has left little to no opportunity for growth in programs and ministries

Simply put: Our funding isn’t matching our spending, and we’ve not been addressing the yearly income shortfall.


Session has taken some cost-cutting measures in the 2018 budgeting to begin addressing this challenge, including:

-    lowering our monthly mortgage payments

-    Shifting funding for a much-needed sound system upgrade to come from the Memorial Fund rather than the Local Ministry Fund

-    Costs for the 75th Anniversary Celebration have been underwritten by a donor

These only solve part of the issue. The fact remains that YPC needs additional revenue to continue our current model of service.


Specifically, YPC’s 2018 Local Ministry budget requires an additional $50,000 from us, its members, just to hold steady on even a deficit budget in 2018. In fact, we have needed such funding for the past few years, and the habit of “special giving campaigns” to patch the shortfall just isn’t working.


The good news is that giving is growing in our church. This year 11 new families/members became giving households at YPC. That’s wonderful and worth celebrating, but it isn’t enough to address our continual shortfall. So it’s time for YPC to do what it’s always done: turn and tackle the challenge head-on with courage and faith.

We need you.

The truth is that there isn’t another way around this issue: In order for us to meet our current expenditures, we need every giving household in our church to increase giving by $500 as an ongoing stewardship practice, not just this year but from now on.


Some of us will be able to do more than $500 each year, others of us might need to do less. If you’ve never given, this is the year to start—at $500 or whatever you can. We will need everyone to shoulder some form of increased giving in order to meet our expenses. Session has approved a $25,000 match from the endowment to augment our efforts, and we know YPC has both the demographic resources and the strength of faith to step up. It is possible, it’s necessary, and it’s the right thing to do. We owe it to our beloved church family to put YPC on the firm financial footing that will enable us to follow where God leads into this new season of our church history.


We earnestly pray you will accept this challenge. It’s essential that we receive this information in order to make vital decisions regarding YPC’s budget.


We also want you to know that YPC acts as a responsible steward of the gifts you share. Our mission is to be the hands and hearts of God. We do this through our support of the Food Pantry, Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS), mission trips (most recently to Honduras and Detroit), evangelism through Vacation Bible School, education of youth and adults in Sunday School and small groups. We have a vision of expanding outreach and programing using the talents of our Associate Pastor, Matt Parker Wrzeszcz. What is your vision of sharing God's gifts with others?


Pray for God to find ways to move you along in your journey. We usually try to stay away from a lot of numbers or addressing specific needs or goals to help move us from needs-based giving to faith- and grace-based giving. But, for those of you who are numbers and charts people, we did not want to disappoint! 


Please prayerfully consider how God is calling you to share his abundant gifts. Our church is growing and seeking new ways to serve – please be generous in sharing the gifts God sent your way!



Pledges enable us to budget wisely for the coming year. Your pledge sustains and grows our facilities and services. Every pledge matters. Here’s how to do your part:

1. REVIEW your personalized statement that reminds you of your 2016 pledge to each of the four YPC funds.

2. GIVE THANKS for all you’ve been able to do and all YPC has been able to do through those gifts.

3. PRAY and LISTEN.   Ask God to show you how He wants you to give in the coming year.

4. DESIGNATE your pledge to each fund.

5. COMBINE your pledges and DECIDE if you will honor God’s request on a monthly, weekly, or annual basis and check the appropriate box.

6. SEAL your pledge card in the envelope provided and either place it in the specially marked box in the lobby, mail it to the address provided, or put it in the offering plate. Remember, your pledge is always held in the strictest of confidence.

7. Even if you can’t pledge right now, check off the appropriate box and return the form. Remember you can always change your pledge by contacting the church office (630.833.6600) or Roger Lawrence, the Church Financial Secretary (847.312.9601).











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