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 MSYF 2018-2019

Beginning September 19, 2018

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September 19—March 20

Regular schedule of events (On Special Events nights, we will not follow the regular schedule):feb 28 2018 364


5:30-5:45 p.m. Team Building

5:45-6:10 p.m. Dinner

6:10-6:40 p.m. Bible study

6:40-7:15 p.m. Games

7:15-7:30p.m. Wrap Up/Prayer






The purpose of this program is to engage youth in a meaningful relationship with Christ. It is also designed to create an environment where youth will be participating in wholesome, uplifting fellowship and gain lasting friendships with other youth and adults who are believers in Christ.

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    • Dinner— This will be a chance for youth to come fellowship over a meal.
    • Bible Study- We use a varied curriculum that covers issues that directly relate to middle school.  We focus on character, friendships, peer pressure, our walk with Jesus, how to support one another in good times and bad. 
    • Games - We create a place to build unity and a strong relationship among the entire group.  Games are an intregral part of this.  Whether it is fly swatter hockey, minute to win it relays, or orther zany games, everyone is a part of a team. 
    • Wrap Up/Prayer—We will end with a time of reflection of the night and learning different techniques to meditate and pray.  This is where the youth may share any joys/concerns they are facing.
    • Service Project – We will be participating in at least one service project a year. It is our goal that youth will gain a desire to help others and see they are serving as the hands of Christ.
    • Lock-in/Retreat – Will include  Games, prizes, craft, pizza, movie and breakfast will be included in the night!
    • Special Nights/Outings—Several nights throughout the year we offer special events such as a bonfire, tye-dying, bowling, sledding, or Mardi Gras game nights.

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Register ONLINE here! Deadline for registration is September 17. Program fees are $100 per youth.



It is our desire to gain friends of our YPC participants to become active in this program as well. Friends are welcome to join us. We do, however, need to be aware of them ahead of time due to meals etc. Please contact Angie by Tuesday at 833-6600 x16 to indicate when a friend will be joining us that week. There will always be opportunities throughout the year for friends to register at a prorated cost.



We will be asking for some parent involvement through the course of the year. There will be times that parents will be needed to drive for outings, as well as, assist with the kitchen crew. You will be asked to sign up prior to the 1st night.



This advisors for this program share In the instruction of Bible Study, Games, Team Building, Worship Skills and Prayer. They also oversee special outings, mission projects and lock-ins along with YPC's staff liaison.



Unless otherwise indicated, the youth will meet in Fellowship Hall. They will be asked to enter the door at the base of the ramp on the north side of the building. This is to avoid interruptions with TOWN which will be taking place in Reid Hall at that time. Youth will be dropped off here at 5:30 p.m., but they can be picked up at the north doors at 7:30 p.m.


CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR 2018-2019 (click here for printable calendar)

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