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At YPC, we believe that Confirmation is really the beginning of a life long journey of faith, not the end of one! We view confirmation as a faith milestone; confirmation assists in the further developing the youth's Spiritual walk and has as its goal discipleship – becoming a follower of Jesus in lifestyle, beliefs and values. Youth entering 8th grade* are mailed a letter of invitation to participate in the confirmation process along with a covenant. This covenant lays out all the expectations and requirements for the entire process. These expectations include monthly meetings with mentor, ¾ attendance in Sunday School and worship, a service project, and two retreats.


Once youth make the decision to be confirmed and turn in the covenant they and their parents have signed, mentors are chosen for them. Each mentor is a member of YPC who is committed to nurturing the youth in faith, lead by example, and support the confirmand throughout the entire process. Each month, the confirmand and mentor, along with the rest of the confirmands and mentors, Pastor, and Director of Children and Youth Ministries, meet once a month on Wednesday nights to fellowship over dinner, discuss their monthly lesson, go over their journaling of Luke, and catch up on any other issues facing the confirmand. They also participate in a fun day retreat with the entire group. In addition, the pair selects and executes a mission project. They also participate in making a meal for PADS in January with the rest of the confirmation class. The confirmation process requires commitment, dedication, and sacrifice, but it is also rewarding as both confirmands and mentors draw closer to Christ on their faith journey.


Working alongside the mentor with the youth are their Sunday school teachers who meet with them each Sunday morning. Here they focus on "What I Believe", One Minute Bible lessons, memorization of scripture and The Apostle's Creed, and weekly check-ins on how the youth are doing both socially and spiritually.


Worship is another component of confirmation. Each confirmand must attend worship ¾ per month, worship a few times with their mentor to discuss the sermon, and also participate as a lay leader.


As part of the year's studies, the youth, Pastor, and Director of Children/Youth Ministries travel to Wisconsin for a weekend retreat. Here the youth review what has been taught, explore and discuss the main tenants of our Christian beliefs, and dive deeper in their personal faith. Each confirmand is also required to write a Statement of Faith and meet with the Pastor to discuss once they return from the retreat. Each Statement of Faith is merged with the rest of the group's and becomes one Faith Statement read by the congregation on Confirmation Sunday. On this day, the youth are presented before the congregation for membership alongside their parents and mentor, all of whom are pledging to continue in their nurturing, teaching, and guiding of these youth in their faith journey.


*Since we have the youth determine if they are ready for this process at 8th grade, we also offer once every 3 years a "Small Group" version of confirmation for those who were either not ready at 8th grade to make this commitment or became involved in our church after this age. This group, therefore, will have youth in various stages of high school.


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